10 Android Tips Every Android User Must Follow

We all  use Android phones a lot these days, but many of us don’t know the android tips which makes us use it effectively.

In this present Smart world, 80 percent has been acquired by Android. Awareness of these following tips makes you feel better in using it.

1.Disable useless inbuilt apps:

Every Smart Phone comes with some inbuilt apps. Almost no one uses all these apps. So it is better to disable those.

For this you need to go to settings, there you will find apps. There you have to click on apps. Find the app you don’t want to use, then click on it. There you will find Disable option. Proceed… you know the remaining part.

This can save your battery by restricting those apps from running background.

2.Always have a backup:

Regretting after the loss of data does not give our data back. So always keep a backup of your data. In our phone, we will have an option of backup&reset as shown in below picture.

There you can turn ON it to store the data that an app holds.

Do not disable Google photos app. It stores all the pictures we have on our phone. That will be synced to your Gmail account.

Another option is to try an app called CM Backup which is available in the play store. There you can backup your contacts, SMS, call logs, Calendar, Photos etc in the cloud memory

3.Always keep a track on data usage:

We use mobile data, but we don’t know the amount of data we used in given days. Sometimes it may cross our mobile data limit and charges us through main balance. Some apps might run background and can charge you an unexpected price. In setting>data usage you can stop background apps using mobile data.

We can also put daily data usage limit. Through which, we can get the notifications when it is going to be exceeded. There is an another option called Restrict peak data usage. When we turn it ON, it will turn off data connection when peak data usage reaches its limit.

4.Know your battery temperature:

When you feel like your mobile getting too hot it is advised to know your battery temperature. To know the battery temperature, dial to *#*#4636#*#*. There you will be moved to a tab called Testing. There you can find Battery info and click on it. Here we will get the information about Battery status, Battery level, Battery health, Battery temperature etc.

If your battery temperature exceeds 42o C, it is better to stop using it. Otherwise, it causes severe problems to your phone battery.

5.Try OK Google:

Try OK Google voice commands. It can be used for searching something online, can open any app, can give commands to run any app like making a phone call to somebody, setting Alarm etc…Basically, it acts like a personal assistant with voice activated

6.Use swiping for speed typing:

Mobile users give more preference to chatting. Do you feel, your slow typing speed making waste of your time? To speed it up, you can use swiping on your keyboard. Mostly it comes inbuilt in almost every phone. You can turn it ON from your settings. Otherwise, you can get a keyboard, having the swiping option, from play store.

7.Use power saving modes:

When there are no chances to charge the mobile, Battery saver can keep your mobile ON without shutting it down. Battery saver monitors background processes and it turns off syncing processes too.

8. Customise the quick settings:

Quick settings are used for accessing some features easily. It should contain only the settings which we use regularly. So we need to customise these quick settings as per our requirements. And as per our wish, we can change the settings positions also.

9.Offline maps are always helpful. save them:

Google maps application works only when we have the internet connection. But what if it is needed when there is no internet connection, and what if it is very urgent?


Offline maps are helpful in those situations. We can save the area we want. , in which we get to work always.

10.Use a lock screen:

Finally using a lock screen secures your phone. Do not make it too easy for others to remember and do not make it too difficult for you to forget.


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