RAJS DANCEHOLIC., – Performing Arts & Creative Company, is an independent creative production company based in hyderabad, and active India & international wide in the fields of live performances, Dance Training & Workshops, Choreography, Creative Concepts & Execution, Corporate Entertainment solutions, Live Concerts and Award function performances and many more. Contributing over Nine years of experience.

Today, with a permanent staff of arts producers, choreographers and performers Movie Choreographer & operation director – the company manages every step of performances & artistic projects from the concept to the staging. Constantly devoting its efforts to creating & setting new trend of entertainments and setting a special place with clients they work.

Rajs Danceholic, has worked and continuing its expertise in the various Industries right from Movie field, TVC’s, Events, Corporate, Colleges, Schools, etc

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Flexible membership packages to suit all levels of athlete and achive your dance goals