How to download websites and use them offline

Download websites and blogs:

We can’t imagine a day in our life without blogs and websites. What if you suddenly lost your internet connection and want to surf your favorite blog or a website? Ever thought of downloading it? Yes, we can download websites and blogs. Downloading blogs and websites comes in handy when you want to surf the web offline. You can navigate to different pages on the downloaded site as you are using it online. It is not at all a difficult task. The two well-known softwares used to download websites are HTTrack and Wget.

HTTrack has both GUI and command line interface while the later is available in command line interface.This article guides you on how to use HTTrack.


HTTrack is the most widely used software to download the websites. it comes in both GUI(Graphical User Interface) and command line interface. You can download it from here. Choose the suitable version of HTTrack for your device and download it. After that, it will take you through some basic installation steps.


Download websites through HTTrack

To download a website on windows open httrack, give the project a name and just enter the URL of the site you want to download and click on download. You can download multiple sites at a time with this.

download websites through HTTrack

The website will be downloaded and will be saved in the My website’s folder of your pc. Whenever you want to want to surf the downloaded website just open Httrack and click Browse downloaded sites.

It is also available on android too. To download it on play store click here. The process to download websites on android is also similar as discussed above.

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If you have any doubts while installing the software or using it, please do comment below.

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