How to unblock websites and stay anonymous

How to unblock websites is a question to many people. Websites are getting blocked everywhere by ISP (Internet Service Provider). Many do face these problems in schools and colleges.They block for several reasons like saving bandwidth or stopping you from accessing illegal sites. Sometimes they also block sites like facebook and youtube. So what they actually are doing is that they block your IP(Internet Protocol) address from accessing those websites.

IP addresses are unique string of numbers separated by full stops. Basically, it’s like your computer contact address. Different computers have different IP addresses, These IP addresses are used by the ISP for identifying the computers.Without IP address sender will not be able to send the packets or information to your computer.So when they block certain websites, the obvious possible solution would be either to unblock your IP address or to change your IP address, Yes you heard it right we can change our IP address. Here I will tell you how to change your IP address.

Here’s the solution:

There are a lot of ways to change your IP address and unblock these sites like using VPN services and software, tor browser etc.These VPN(Virtual Private Network) services work for some sites and sometimes they don’t.Even much popular software for proxy don’t work properly.I will explain about all these ways in another post.Right now I am going to show you the easiest way to unblock any site and change your IP address to stay anonymous.

We are going to use an add-on called Zenmate. It is available for the both google Chrome and Mozilla firefox.

Go to chrome web store for google chrome or firefox add-ons for Mozilla.Search Zenmate and click on add to chrome

The add-on will be downloaded.Go to more tools then extensions.You will find the add-on. Click on enable if it is not enabled.You will find a small icon on top the icon and then click on and off to use the add-on.Your IP  will be changed and you will be able to access blocked sites.I have been using this for a long time.It is simple and works really well.You can also change your locations using this add-on.



There is also another popular add-on called Zapyo. It is also available in chrome store.




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