Keep track on the apps which can access your Facebook information

We barely read terms and conditions, and accept those while we sign up to an application. Sometimes you sign up to some apps with your Facebook ID. But you do not remember that to which apps you did this. Here I’ll explain how to see the apps which can access your Facebook information and also how to remove those.

How to see the apps that access your Facebook information:

Firstly open the Facebook and sign in to your account.

Click on the button which presents right side to the privacy settings.

There you need to head to the settings option which presents above the log out.

When you entered in to the settings, you will see the page as below.

Facebook settings

Click on the apps, as shown in above figure.

Then the displayed page shows the apps that can access your facebook information.

(Apps have access to your friends list and any information you choose to make public.)

How to remove those apps:

Just move the cursor on to an app which you want to remove

There you will see the remove symbol, on which you have to click to remove that.

That’s it, then that app will no longer have the permission to access your Facebook information.

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