How to make your Facebook news feed as you exactly needed.

Your facebook news feed should be like your friend. I have already made it as mine. It only gives me the news which I wish I could get. You too really want to make your facebook newsfeed as you wanted exactly? It is not a difficult task at all. Here I’ll explain the route to do it.


It’s not a big procedure. And it is simple too.

The first step is to sign in to your facebook account.

Click on the button which presents on the right side to the privacy settings.

There you need to head to the news feed preferences.

Then a page will be displayed as shown in below image showing some options

facebook news feed

Prioritize who to see first:

In this, you can choose your friends whose posts you don’t want to miss. You can select those people by simply tapping on them. So that you’ll always see their posts at the top of your news feed.

Unfollow people to hide their posts:

If you want to stop seeing posts of some people, you can do that in this section. For this, you just need to click on the people and press on done.

Reconnect with people you unfollowed:

This section shows the people you unfollowed. If you want to see the posts of the people you unfollowed, you can reconnect with them again using this section.

Discover pages that match your interests:

You can discover pages in this section. If you hit like to any page you’ll be able to see their updates in your news feed.

After all these preferences, you can see the facebook news feed as you required.

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