Top 7 Smart Phone’s Battery Tips That keep Your Phone Away From Fast Discharging

Mostly, within few months after phone purchased, we see our battery do not long last. Do you feel your phone battery is discharging very quickly? Then these following phone battery tips will definitely keep your phone away from fast discharging.

1. Less brightness:

Phone screen takes the more battery than everything. So, if you want your battery to not discharge quickly, just lower the brightness. If you don’t remember in monitoring your brightness always, you can just put the brightness in auto mode.

2. Clear background apps:

When you open an app and move to the other app, that previously opened app runs in the background. If you don’t clear the app which you are not going to use, that processes in the background by taking your battery.

Note: Do not clear the background app, which you are going to use right then. Because, when you again open the app, it again takes the processor thereby taking more battery.

 3. Airplane mode:

When you are busy, and you don’t want to get calls, just put your phone in Airplane mode. When you turn Airplane mode on, it suspends the Radio-frequency signal transmission from your mobile phone, which disables Wifi, Bluetooth, GPS, Telephony. This decreases discharging your battery.

4. Battery saver:

Every mobile phone consists of a battery saver. Turn on Battery saver when your phone has less charging and you need it to not die for some more minutes. You can install different battery saver applications from Google’s play store. You can try DU Battery saver and Battery Doctor applications for better performance.

5. Prefer Wifi:

Make sure that you are using wifi when it is available, but not the mobile data. Mobile data charges your battery more power. So, when there is an availability of wifi, do not use mobile data.

6. Turn off Wifi when not available:

You use Wifi in your home or somewhere else. But you mostly forget to turn it off whenever you are leaving that Wifi range. You must turn your wifi off whenever it is not available. If you don’t do so, it keeps on searching for wifi signals to connect, which discharges your battery.

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7. Turn off notifications:

Almost every app gives notifications when we connect to the internet. When you feel you don’t need to get the notifications from any app, you can turn off the notifications like below, which decreases draining your battery.

  • Open the settings
  • Go to apps
  • Click on the app to which you don’t need to get notifications
  • Turn off Show notifications

phone battery tips



If you know phone battery tips or any other useful tips, please let us know in the comment section below.

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