World War II was actually a war between machines!

Machines were used a lot during World War II. We all know that Nazis were lost in world war II. Most of us don’t know that they lost because of a machine patented by Alan Turing. Machines were used to send messages to soldiers about the location of enemies and the commands given by Hitler.

Even though America, England intercepted the message, it was difficult for them to decipher the message. Because those messages were encrypted using the machine ENIGMA invented by a german engineer at the end of world war one. Below is the picture of ENIGMA which took billions of lives in world war two.

Enigma Machines

And the amazing thing about this machine is that it has 159 million million million settings which means to decipher the correct message one needs to check every single setting and decipher it. After deciphering it they can know the commands of Hitler.

But it’s impossible to check every single setting. Let me say why

If there are 10 persons each checking one setting every minute for seven days for 24 hours it would take 20 million years to check. So which is impossible. But there was this one guy. His name is Alan Turing. Before he came all the engineers tried to decipher using their minds. But Alan Turing knew that it’s impossible to beat that machine using labor power. So he wanted to build a machine that can decipher every message encrypted by the ENIGMA.

So that’s when the war between machines began.To understand how he decoded the message we need to know how ENIGMA works. Basically, it’s a machine with rotors and some mechanical levers. When you type a message using that you will get all gibberish text at the output. As shown below. There are lots of ENIGMA simulators. For better understanding click:

Enigma Simulator


For example when you give a message like “Assassinate the president” it would come out as all random text. So what Alan Turing did was, he built a machine that checks every possible setting and deciphers the machine. Because of this machine Hitler lost.

Alan Turing Machine

They deciphered every single message sent by Hitler for 2 years.So this machine defeated all the Nazis army which most of us still don’t know

FUN FACT: Alan Turing never knew German language even when all the messages were in German. But still, he decoded them all.

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